Monday, August 13, 2007

Tea blogging tools

I thought I would share some websites that I have found useful when blogging about my passion for tea.

The Chinese Tea Term Translator is great at doing what it promises--translating most all tea terms used in Chinese into everyday English.

A good Chinese Dictionary is a must for a better understanding of Chinese as a language. This is important as Chinese culture is the culture that tea grew up in, and in order to understand a culture one must (at least attempt to) understand the language. This dictionary will translate English, Pinyin, traditional and simplified characters all in one place.

A Pinyin Keyboard is helpful when you want something better than Windows' Character Map when writing Pinyin.

A list of colors will help you better describe your tea without resorting to boring primary colors.

The Vino! Wine Dictionary has a lot of good wine tasting terms that apply perfectly to tea tasting as well. The Wine Lovers' Lexicon is also good. Here's a Silly Tasting Note Generator that goes overboard, but is fun nonetheless.

If anyone has other exceptionally useful sites, please share them with us in the comments!

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